Feb 22, 2016

Make Money Asking And Answering Questions at WebAnswers

Let's make money online the easy ways.

Recall that a Google adsense revenue share website is a website where the adsense revenue is shared among users.

WebAnswers is a website that share revenue with people who ask and answers questions. They allow you to earn money to help others and even to get help. You can start to make money asking and answering questions at WebAnswers today!

How making money at WebAnswers works?



It is simple to get paid to answers at WebAnswers. You have to create a new account for free. Once created, you can start by asking and answering questions. Advertising is shown on questions pages.

Each users will link its Google Adsense account to its WebAnswers account. WebAnswers is an approved adsense revenue share program.

If you don't have a Google Adsense account, you can create one through WebAnswers without your own website. If you already have one, just link it! You will be asked to link your account after 50 Questions/Answers!

The ads shown on the pages are shared among the member who ask the questions and people who answered. Everyone who takes part in a question may earn money for its activities on Open questions. Once an answer is selected as best answer, only that user will receive revenue share for that question for a full year.

Get 60 / 40 revenue share for standard members! May increase as your activities grow on the site.

It is a pure adsense revenue share website. You don't earn a part of WebAnswers revenue, so aint WebAnswers too. What is shared is the impressions of the advertising from each adsense account. You get 100% on click and CPM revenue when ad is taken from you adsense account!

Why Join WebAnswers?


First, it is free to join. You do not have to pay any fees. In fact, there are no premium membership. So, why miss these opportunities?

Then, it is an awesome opportunity to build or increase your adsense income. It is an high CTR website where you can reach the minimum adsense payout each month. The average active users earn up to $600 per month just from WebAnswers on their Google Adsense account. And:
  • The revenue is paid directly into your adsense account. No way to get scammed! It is a legit website to get paid to answers.
  • It is high CTR website. You may earn even more than your own website! While you still increase income through adsense via your own website and other revenue share website.
  • It does not take 2 minutes to answers and there's no approval process*! It is even better than writing articles, create design or anything else!
  • You don't have to promote your questions/answers to get views. You just have to answers. The site is well ranked in Google and the community gives active page views to questions. Thus, promoting can increase your revenue and help you get affiliates.
  • You earn even on someone else awarded answers and open answers where you share with the affiliate program.

How to earn and increase revenue at WebAnswers?


WebAnswers normally pay you to ask and answers! You earn additional income with the dynamic referral link plus special pages.

Everyone earn at WebAnswers, but you could earn more. Here's some tips to increase revenue at WebAnswers.
  • Give the best answers so that your answer is selected as best answers. Recall that once an answer is choosen as best answer, only that user receive revenue share for that question traffic.
  • Give long answers and take part actively on the site. On open question it is factor to display ads among users adsense account!
  • Keep active to level up your account! Earn more share from your answers and questions.

Earn even more with WebAnswers Affiliates Program


The WebAnswers dynamic affiliate program allow to earn even more! The revenue share is 60/40 among users. You can earn from the WebAnswers 40% with the affiliate revenue share program.

On any open or awarded answers questions pages, click the "Link to this page" link at site bottom. Share it and show ad from your account on those pages when you refer traffic.

If someone sign up following your links, you will earn revenue share from its awarded answers traffic!



WebAnswers is an awesome program that allow you to monetize your contribution to the internet and earn money asking and answering questions. Get Paid directly into your Google Adsense account!

visit webanswers.com

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