Feb 29, 2016

Top 4 Payment Options For Online Money Makers

We'd agreed that a lot of banks exist.

Like you choose carefully your local bank to open an account with, like should you with online banking.

They are also called e-wallet or online payment processors. These online payment options are used to send and receive money online.

One of the best part of online banking via such programs is that your money is interchangeable from virtual to real. and vice-versa.

You can upload real cash and withdraw real cash; while on the internet it is managed easier as virtual money.

It allows you buy, sell anywhere and send money globally anytime.

This kind of way to make online payment started around 2000. They involved and become accessible to everyone. They are free to join, and are often world wide available.

As they are more than 30+ available, questions arise.

The questions about internet security still remain important. Are all online payment options secured? Can you join any online payment program and save your money? Are they all equals in quality and services offer?

Such kind of programs receive many attacks, they need to be secured. Even if they are secure, they need to be legit. Recall Liberty Reserve that was sized by U.S. government for taxes and transactions securities concerns. Then, they are not equal. In fact, they are competing one each other to stand as leader.

So, we must carefully pick the online bank to save our money like we do it for local banks.

We will list 4 leaders, secure and stable e-wallet and debit card providers you can trust to make online transactions online.

Top 4 online payment options to get paid with ease on the internet

Here are the 4 most popular methods to pay and get paid online!

PayPal - The world most popular online bank

PayPal is the pioneer in internet transactions. It is the most well know and accepted e-wallet in internet business.

PayPal is not world wide accepted, so, it is not available to anyone.

It allows you to receive money from anyone, send money to friends, workers and families. They provides a debit card (currently for U.S. members only) from which you can withdraw at ATM. They also offer mobile apps to pay your order through your telephone.

Payoneer - World wide debit MasterCard for everyone


Payoneer is the leader in debit card and local bank services. Receive your money online directly into your prepaid debit MasterCard or into your local Bank.

Over 210 countries accepted into the program and you can receive money from any payoneer partners and company paying through ACH or SEPA. SIGN UP Here

Skrill - Send and receive money in a nice way


Skrill, formerly Moneybookers, is established since 2002 and permit internet transactions in a nice way.

They are world wide available and accepted in most popular companies such as odesk, amazon, etc...

They allow you to withdraw and upload funds through Bank account and credit cards. They also deliver their own debit card for European residents. Visit Skrill.com

WebMoney - Smart online payment solution


WebMoney is headquartered in Russia. It is one of the best choice as it has low transactions fees, no monthly fees for merchant.

You can upload funds to your account using Payoneer, Bank wire, Webmoney debit card, and money transfer. You can use those methods to receive your money. You can withdraw your money through Western Union.

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