Feb 29, 2016

Get Paid Faster : Introducing Payoneer Payment Services

Nowadays, more and more people shop online.

More and more people work online to make income as well.

Like you shop at local stores is like you shop at online stores.

With all the payment methods, there can be complications. What is the most convenient way to pay and get paid online? Which company can you trust and use?

You may have money but not in the way you can purchase at the target store.

What's the reason of gaining money if you can't spend it? This article tend to introduce the Payoneer payment services; a smart payment options that resolve most of those problems.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer Inc. is a company which issues prepaid debit MasterCard, local bank transfer and US and EU bank account services. It adds some ease in online transactions.

The company is operational since 2005 and issues card by Choice Bank Ltd.

The payoneer payment services

Payoneer Inc. offers services such as physical debit MasterCard, local bank transfer, US payment services and EU payment services.

1.- The Payoneer prepaid MasterCard: Get a plastic debit MasterCard shipped free to your local address. You can use it to withdraw your money at ATM, to shop at your local stores or to purchase online. Get your debit MasterCard today for free.

2.- The Local Bank Transfer: Receive money online directly into your local bank account. Receive money at low cost in your own currencies from people from all over the world.

3.- The EU and US Payment services: The EU and US payment services allow you to receive direct transfer into your prepaid debit MasterCard.

It allows you to own a bank account in US ( Even if you're living outside US) or Germany to receive money via ACH or SEPA (direct transfer from any companies).

Previously, the services was to receive money from white listed companies only such as Google adsense, Buy Sell ads, Amazon, shareasale, etc... Now, it is extended and available for any company with direct transfer as option.

Why Payonner services?

There are a lot of online payment options available online. Excluding that this article is a payoneer payment services introduction which will highlight payoneer, why payoneer services?

Payoneer is independent services that work with almost all the available payment services online.

You can link your your debit card with PayPal, Skrill, etc... verify your payment status and more. The payoneer debit card is shipped free and the services fees are low in comparison to the alternatives.

It allows you to manage all your money in one place. You receive your money instantly or at least in two days. That money is immediately available to get cashed out at ATM, spent at online or local store or to send to friends and family.

There are no waiting, no limitations of countries and currencies. It is the solution for freelancers and affiliates who want to receive money online and employers to send payment safe and easy.

How to apply for a payoneer debit MasterCard?

You can apply to payoneer debit MasterCard and others services three ways.

The first one is to sign up directly to Payoneer. The second one is to join as referred user. The third one is to join under a payoneer partner program. Each method has its own advantages and inconveniences.

Apply directly to Payoneer

When you apply directly through Payoneer, you just have to hit the sign up button on the home page of payoneer website. You pay fees yearly and has no sign up bonus! The yearly card maintenace fee is $28.

Apply to Payoneer using the refer a friend program

When you apply using the refer a friend program, it is like the direct sign up. Except that will join following an affiliate link and that you will get a sign up bonus.

The referrer will receive $25 and you, the referred, will receive $25 also.

It is like your first year maintenance fee at Payoneer cost you $3 only. You both receive that $25 when you accumulate $100 in transactions via your card. You can join as my referred users through that link payoneer.com.

Apply through a payoneer partner

A payoneer partner is a program which is allowed to deliver debit MasterCard powered by Payoneer under its own label. You pay fees monthly with that type of card.

The fees are paid according to card use during the last month. By example, if you made 3+ transactions, you pay $1, if you made less, you pay $3. The number of transactions needed change with the program; but the fee remain $1 and $3 per month. The yearly fee may cost you $12 if you actively use it, but you get no sign up bonus.

Each method gives a debit card plus a free US bank account via US payment services and local bank account as option.

How to upload fund into your payoneer debit mastercard?

You can upload fund to your debit card via
  • another debit or credit card (visa/Mastercard, Payoneer card holder, etc...)
  • receiving payment from payoneer partners.
  • Direct transfer from US companies (PayPal, adsense, WebMoney, Commission Junction, etc...)

That's all for the payoneer payment services introduction.

As you experience Payoneer, you'll become smarter and know how to save money while using Payoneer and pay less fees and even make money with Payoneer.

Leave a comment with your questions, critique and even your appreciation..

Apply for your Payoneer debit MasterCard today