Earn Cash With Free Stock Photos sites Without Selling

Multimedia is used on the internet for many purposes.

For fun, education, business, blogging, etc...

While everyone use picture; they are just a small of users who can create images. In a previously published post, i shared some free graphic tools to create image yourself that illustrate your work.

In another post, we saw how to make money from pictures. Also, i listed the top 5 creamy stock photos sites to check when you look for royalty free and high quality images.

Today, this post is about earning cash with free stock photos without selling. It is common to make money selling photos; that way, to make money you need to find customers. But it can be better; make money donating pictures at free stock photos sites.

Why people use free stock photo site?


I told above that only few people create quality design and take nice shoot with their camera... That image is published under licence that either authorize re-use or forbid it.- Using copyrighted materials may cost a lot of money; so, people are looking for free stock photos for commercial use and personal use.

You can help those persons with your design and photos. You don't sell your pictures; you give them for free; but you still earn money; and you earn that cash easier.

Earn cash with free stock photos sites


If you are intermediate or pro user of Photoshop, GIMP, or any graphic software; if you can take picture with a camera, you are fully eligible to start making money online donating pictures.

As you donate your pictures, you can't expect sales revenue; but you can earn money from revenue sharing stock photo site. It can be adsense revenue sharing, chitika revenue sharing or fair donation by free photo beneficial.

As an example of how your earning can be, just see how can you can expect for CPC for keywords around free picture to download by adsense.
stock photos - 60 500 monthly searches - $8.92 PPC

free stock photos - 40 500 monthly searches - $5.19 CPC

stock photos free - 6 600 monthly searches - $6.41 CPC

free stock photo site - 500 monthly searches - $11.85 CPC
And you can also target any others higher keywords related to your picture. You can expect up to 100% adsense revenue sharing lifetime. And, as your pictures are for free, each visit worth money; either user download or not; and you don't have to care about fair pricing; also users can donate to design creator. It means more money for you by all means.

Here's two popular revenue sharing sites (adsense, chitika) that give up to 100% revenue to user. Being popular, the website is already a high traffic site; you just have to give quality free pictures to start making money.

1.- StockVault.net

StockVault.net is a free stock photos site where free doesn't mean low quality. That photo bank offers free picture to download; it gives 100% on page revenue to designer and photographer who uploaded the image.

If you do not have an adsense account, you can create one or opt for direct donation through PayPal or Skrill when you upload 25 images.

2.- FreeRangeStock.com

FreeRangeStock is another free stock photo site where you get 80% adsense revenue from your profile page and image pages.

Do you own a camera? Can you design illustration, vector image, icons and any others graphic images? Start making money with free stock photos sites.

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