5 Ways to make money with design & images

How to make money with pictures?

Is there ways to turn graphic design into activities that bring cash to your pocket? How much money can I expect to make from photos on the internet?

If you want a full disclaimer, this is not a full list of ways you can use to make money with photos. But trust me, these are 5 ways you can start using to REALLY make money online with images.

While you're reading this, keep in mind that image can be sold at $5; a graphic freelance job completed for $500; money from revenue sharing stock photos sites is limited only by your audience.

5 ways to make money with design and images


Each method has its advantages and inconveniences. In one, you may earn once per image use; in another you may keep earning on-going payment. One one you can earn guarantee fixed revenue (perhaps low); in another you can make unlimited money but it is not guaranteed.

But, nothing stops you to mix them all and gain more cash.

Here are 5 easy and legitimate methods to make money with design and photos online.

1.-Earn as freelance designer


Start a career as freelance design and earn money from your graphic creation. You can design a simple logo for $250; get paid for badge, flyers, photo montage and site design as a graphic designer and freelancer.

You can look for graphic jobs at freelancer.com, odesk, 99design.com and elance.com!

2.- Sell photos


You can earn money with design and images also by selling. There are a lot of stock photos sites which allow you to sell photos and get paid for your camera shots. The most popular are: dreamstime.com, stockphoto.com, veer.com, rf.com, etc...

3.- Give photos for free


Another way to make money with design, photos and images is to give them for free... right! We have an article which give in detail process and programs to make money online giving free picture to download.

4.- Self-hosted images & in-image ad network


You can ease the process making money from self-hosted images. Either you build a gallery images sites or submit image post on your blog; an you earn money from in-page advertising.

You can also use in-image advertising to earn even more money. In image advertising are banner, apps over the image that pay on CPC and CPM.

5.- Use revenue sharing image host


To earn money with pictures online, another way is to host image on revenue sharing sites.

You don't have to be a perfect photographer, a professional design or anything similar.

If you own a camera, just take the best shoot; funny ones are best. If you create graphic design, be as crazy as you can in your creation. Why? Because people don't need your image when it is hosted, they come to view; and it must worth the visit.

If you want to be more professional, you can also create info-graphic! Infographic will be embed on others websites and link back to your website.

Like I said, perhaps, others methods exist! But those ways to make money with design work for everyone for any skill level. Either you stand as freelance designer or you earn from advertising ( self-hosted and revenue sharing image host)!

So, feel free to tell me which method you use (or plan to use) and which one I missed.