Feb 24, 2016

5 Reasons To Still Write To Get Paid on Web 2.0 While You Own A Blog

Paid to contribute articles, also called Web 2.0 sites, are websites where you get paid for writing on someone else website.

They pay generally on performance based, or flat rate.

As performance based, you publish the article, and you get a share of the revenue; i.e. a part of revenue from advertising on your published article (per view, per click or per action).

As flat rate publishing, you get paid once when your article is accepted and published. You get from $5 to $500 per published article. Some sites that still mix the two methods pay low on publications.

However, you may start guessing: “why sharing my content and revenue online when I can keep the whole earning and authorship?”

I admit that your question is legit. Some users who make the decision to stop contributing to web 2.0 sites can be right.

But I will list 5 reasons why you should still publish content on paid contribute articles sites.

1.- A free Portfolio

If you are freelancer, you will need to prove your skills to your employers.

They need to be sure that you are the right freelancer who will successfully complete the jobs. So, You will meet people that will ask you a profile link from one of your web 2.0 profile so they can get an idea of your writing skills.

Publishing on paid to contribute sites will help you build a free portfolio but also monetize each view. And you'll increase traffic from people who want to hire you.

If you want to make money writing as freelancer, you can search for jobs on freelancer.com

2.-A Free online writing course

If you’re new to writing or you would like to stand out as a professional writer, you may think learning at Web 2.0 sites.

Those sites want to be in the first page results. As article are user-generated, the content on the site need to be moderated before publications. So, to get published, you need to respect a writing style and quality standard.

When you write on your own website, everything is getting published.

When you first start, you often give less importance to quality, grammar and style.

Hint: If you want a free tool to help write better online, try grammarly.

Taking habit publishing on contributing articles websites will help write naturally high quality and well written articles. Learning from their free online writing courses will help rank your site well on Search Engines and blog better.

3.- High SE ranking and link building

With quality content generated by hundred of thousands of online writer, those websites keep a good ranking in search engine results pages.

An article published on a paid contribute article will get indexed faster, as they publish on daily basis and get daily visit from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc… indexer bot for updates.

The quality of a back link is really important on search engines. Such websites only accept links that are related to the content you wrote ensuring that you are building the best back links for your website. Create free link back to your site, improve your SEO, get more traffic and earn money.

4.- Possible higher ad revenue

In fact, sometimes the shared revenue is higher than our site revenue. As example, I get such between $5 to $10 per thousand views on Hubpages.

Sometimes, my websites give me less per 1000 impressions of ads, even if I use pure CPM ad network.

Also those programs whose share Google Adsense and Amazon revenue rotate only the ad placement. If a sale is made or others revenue from your ad display, you get all the revenue.

5.- community unexpected traffic

Let's imagine that you have 20 000 unique daily visitors. Another webmaster in the same niche get 100 000 UV. But what it strange is that you do not share visitors with the other webmaster.

It means that 120 000 users access the two sites. What if you could get some visitors in the 100 000 to join your 20 000 visitors?

The solution is to go to this website and grab the traffic legibly the way you can.

As publishing platform almost all time stand as a community, there are people who spend a large percent of the day browsing content on these websites. Those visitors (maybe) would never know about your website.

Add content there to get them as your readers, when it is possible; bring them to your website with a useful link. You will get unexpected traffic and more cash for your pocket.

... What else?

They also help you to maintain your social accounts safe and keep publishing your articles.

Sites like digg, reddit don't accept a lot of bookmarks for the same site. You can use to publish your own articles published on others domains and keep promoting yourself.

Some networks care about sharing the same author as well, some content publishing sites allow you to earn money sharing someone's else article.

There are more reasons that should motivate you to write guess post and contribute articles.

I found that those 5 reasons valuable to use paid to contribute articles sites; even if the revenue is shared or payed once for. What do you think? Drop your comment below.

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