10 Ways To Make Passive Money While Blogging

How to make money blogging online?

What is the best ways to monetize a website?

Which part of my website should be monetized?

Sometimes, monetizing website can be a real headache for webmasters.

When you think you optimize your blog for more cash, you just say a big NO to your potential blog readers.

Should I use CPA, CPC, CPM?
What is the best kind of ad for my audience?
How to balance revenue and service quality?

It is all kind of questions someone may seek an answer for to earn huge income from its website. Use these 10 ways to make passive money while you blog.

You can start a blog for free or at low cost!

You make passive money from posts you wrote months ago. That's why I told you that you have the opportunity to make passive income. You are your own boss.

Even a business with a blog generates more income. A study has shown that 61 of US person who purchased in 2014 did it after reading a blog post.

However, the passive stop there. You have to keep writing and bring traffic to keep making decent income. But it's all fun and low-risky.

Because making money blogging is popular, therefore with high competition and so important, let`s do it well!

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To earn money from a website, nothing better than content and traffic.

First, you create quality content (article, blog post, slideshow, videos, images). Then, you build your website audience

I'll show you 10+ ways to make money with a website or a blog. Nearly all methods are used in the web page that you are viewing right now. So, it don't immediatly break reader experience and make your website running slow.

However, use only the ones that serve both your readers' need and yours.

How to make money online with a website or blog?


The ways to make money online with a website or blog is not complex. You'll realize that it is easy while reading this post. In fact, it is easy as long as you can drive the right kind of traffic

1.- CPA - Affiliates advertising


Cost per action ( lead, sale) advertising network is a common way to make money with a website. Make money on the internet by promoting products on your website.

Amazon is the recommended network as it cover a lot of field; it is available for any kind of website. You can also simply create a website for reviewing Amazon products and start getting money.

You can also check out others networks like ShareASale, clickbank, commission junction, etc...

Some programs available in ShareASale network pay up to $200 per sale.

2.- Banner Display & Text Advertising


Banner display and text advertising is the most used method to monetize a website.

Adsense offers those kind of ads.

Add ads next to your content and get paid per click, per view or per action. Text And Banner allow some webmasters to earn over $6 000 a month. I do earn that way. Not that much; but I earn.

3.- In-image ads


Turn your images into cash.

Do you have a website with lot of pictures? You can start getting money from them.

In image ad network such as taggify, luminate, gumgum, kontextua allow you to monetize your images.

You just have to add a code provided by the ad network in your website and start seeing ads automatically on your images larger enough to display ads.

4.- In-Video ads


You can make money with videos as well on your blog.

You can use in-video ads to generate income from your website. They are pre-roll, post-roll and streaming banner ads inside your videos.

Monetize your videos that way with Google Adsense, taggify, etc...

Or you can use video platforms such as vimeo which pays you when someone plays a video you embed on your site like explained below.

5.- Sponsored posts


Make money with sponsored posts on your website. Get paid to publish article about someone business or products on your own website.

I don't dig much into this. So, I don't know legit programs you can join, but a little research can help you find attractive offers.

6.- Sponsored related posts


This new way to make money with a website or blog is awesome. It is just relevant sponsored posts along your natural related posts. They usually keep the same look and are paying per click. They are also called native ads.

A sponsored related posts program and plugin : YARPP (WordPress plugin)

7.- In-Text advertising


Turn your text into advertising that generate cash. That way, you can save your site space and still earn money. You also bypass ad blockers and make money from each single view.

best in-text advertising networks

8.- Embed paying videos


Embed video on your website to make money. Do you have something to share in a video? Do you see a video you can embed without breaking copyright rules? Turn its view into cash for your pocket.

program example: dailymotion.com

With DailyMotion, you earn money embedding your videos, but also any video you are allowed to share that is available on the network.

9.- Sponsored membership


Can you create valuable content that user are willing to pay for?

You can make money online with your website by offering sponsored membership. Users can pay weekly, daily or monthly fees to access your content.

10.- Selling products


You can sell your own products on your website and make money. By example, do you write about social media? You can create a social media guide and sell it to your audience to make money!

I made over $20 with a PDF version of one of my popular posts. Now I give it for free once user unlock a page locked with ads.

The best part is that each of these method is compatible to the others.

You can use them all to turn a website into a astonishing money making machine.

Get paid with in text ad, show ads in your image, add display and affiliates banner, embed videos and so on...

What's your experience so far making passive income with a blog?